The Breakdown

First Rule of the Bend Ale Trail?

Always talk about Bend Ale Trail. Tell your friends, family, or that weird guy at the grocery store. Use #BendAleTrail on social media and wave that passport proudly. For a complete list of Bend Ale Trail rules (and how you can earn awesome prizes).

The Rules

  1. Must be age 21 or older to trek the Bend Ale Trail
  2. No purchase is necessary, but please support our local breweries!
  3. Tasting room hours vary, depending on day of the week and season. Please call ahead to be sure your next stop is open.
  4. Retain your passport or completed app notification for proof you’ve hit the stops
  5. One passport per person
  6. One prize per completed territory
  7. One bonus prize for completing all seven territories (you are a craft beer rock star!!)
  8. One prize for completing seven Drinkable Diversions
  9. Never, ever drink and drive — ask about our Designated Driver reward, book a tour, call a cab, or click your favorite rideshare app
  10. Share your journey on social media using #bendaletrail
  11. Be nice, you’re in Bend!